Attraction Information

That depends on how fast you run!!!!! Just kidding. Each group travels at their own pace, some faster or slower than others.

This year the attraction is entirely brand new! Featuring our brand new 3D Haunt and FunHouse!

No. Visitors walk through Asylum on Pine Knoll Dr.

Yes. There are very dark areas inside Asylum on Pine Knoll Dr.

Absolutely not . . . and we ask that you not attempt to touch any of our cast members. If a cast member (monster or other) blocks your way they are trying to keep you from bumping into the group in front of you. This is to give the triggers and scares within the next section time to reset. Please, wait patiently if this happens and do not touch the cast member.

If you intentionally touch a cast member or push them when they are trying to slow your group they will break character, step aside and inform security. We will remind you of these things during a short safety briefing prior to entry.

NOTE: Brushes with actors and props are possible since you are in a dimly lit narrow hallway for parts of the experience

Yes. We use Fog in the show. We do not feel it is overwhelming, but there are emergency exits in case you get overwhelmed by the fog. An actor can escort you to a fog free zone.

Yes. We do use strobe lights in the show.  We do not feel it is overwhelming, but there are emergency exits in case you get overwhelmed by the strobes. An actor can escort you to a strobe free zone.

There are no refunds.

Tickets, Pricing, & Group Rates

Check our ticket prices HERE

A FASTPASS lets you bypass the often lengthy General Admission line to get in a much shorter line.

Check our ticket prices HERE

$5 discount is available to active and inactive members of the military. Please present your military ID or VA card when you purchase.  Available at the ticket counter only. Thank you for your service!

All other discounts can be found online, on flyers, and on our social medias. So make sure to follow @Asylumonpineknolldr 



Yes. Click HERE for more information. We use an online service very similar to Ticketmaster called Fear Ticket. You will be able to download and print your tickets from home.

Check our ticket prices HERE

If you purchase your tickets online, you DO NOT have to wait in the Ticket Booth line to buy tickets.  Just be sure to have your PRINTED TICKET with you or have your ticket pulled up on your SMART PHONE for scanning.

Check our ticket prices HERE

NO, in fact we don't recommend children under the age of 12.

Yes, our box office and online store accepts credit cards.

You are able to skip the often lengthy Box Office line and head directly to the Attraction Line.

The General Admission Attraction line can be longer than normal on weekends as we get closer to Halloween. We suggest ugrading to a FASTPASS so the wait is not as long. We have a limit on FASTPASS availablity each hour.

The Line & Parking

The best times to visit the Asylum on Pine Knoll Dr are weekdays. Traditionally, weekends are very busy and we get even busier the closer we get to Halloween. 

Yes. FASTPASS tickets allow you to get into the much shorter line.

You are able to skip the often lengthy box office line and head directly to the Attraction line.

No, parking is free. 

Safety & Restrictions

Yes. The Asylum On Pine Knoll Dr has security.

Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We have a list of rules that must be adhered to for your own safety and for ours.

Violation of these rules will usually bring a warning in some cases or being asked to leave without a refund. A FULL List of rules can be found HERE

No pets! No weapons! No alcoholic beverages! No cameras! No smoking! No laser pointers or flashlights! NO costumes! No food or beverages! A FULL List of rules can be found HERE

First and foremost, following rules will ensure a safe and memorable experience.

Please know, however, that your ticket is a license to enter at your own risk. All patrons assume all risk and danger incidental to the Asylum on Pine Knoll Dr before, during or after the haunt experience. By entering the Asylum on Pine Knoll Dr, you waive any injury or talent claims and accept these terms and conditions.

The Asylum On Pine Knoll Dr is recommended for teenagers and up, but younger kids may come if parents choose to bring them. Carrying babies though is NOT recommended. There are no special prices for children and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the show. There are many emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue.

This show is not suitable for children. Admission of children under 13 is at the discretion of the parent(s).  As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else. However, children pay the same ticket price as adults. 

The Asylum on Pine Knoll Dr is not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart conditions or are in general poor health. A FULL List of rules & warnings can be found HERE

We are not imposing restrictions regarding your state of health; but we do ask that you please use your best judgment and refer to your doctor if you do have concerns.

NO photography of any sort is allowed inside the show. This includes: flash and no flash photography, video recording, and camera phones.

We do have special locations in the Queue Line and at the end of the attraction to take photos with our monsters.

We have many clearly marked emergency exits for anyone needing to leave before the end. Calling the safe word will tell actors near by to break character and escort you to safety. We will tell you the safe word during the reading of the rules.

Calendar, Hours, & Weather

Click HERE for our 2020 Calendar of Events

It is dependent on how bad the weather is. For weather updates check our facebook page, we always try to post at least 2 hours in advance in regards to being open.

Concessions, Apparel, & Refreshments

We have a concession stand at the end of the attraction.

Travel & Directions

Asylum at Pine Knoll Dr. is located at 110 Pine Knoll Dr. in Easley, SC.

110 Pine Knoll Dr.
Easley, SC 29642
(864) 275-0917

Smoking, Alcohol, & Drugs

NO! They are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any.

 Smoking is NOT allowed in the attraction.

Press Release & Media

For media inquiries contact you can email us at or leave us a message at (864) 275-0917

Everything Else


We personally enjoy Sweet Dreams Scare House.

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